Move over crop tops there’s a new trend in town!

Move over crop tops there’s a new trend in town!

Once every few years, the fashion industry decides to shed its old scales and transform into something completely new. If you are a fashion conscious person who wishes to lead the pack instead of blindly following it then this is what you have to keep in mind, nothing is static. The only thing that remains constant here is change.

 A few years back crop tops became a rage, started by the biggest names in the industry and fuelled by celebrities and influencers. But now they are old news, it’s time to blaze a new trail. Crop tops gained momentum because short tops are great at defining one’s waist and hence highlighting the chest curve, especially when worn with something high- waist. They opened a lot of risqué doors that people were earlier reluctant to explore. Baring the midriff hasn’t always been considered the most decent option. But now that the door has been kicked down, we have so much to explore and that is precisely why we need to move over crop tops. To pave way for newer, more interesting options.

When it comes to defining curves, bralettesand tube tops do a far better job. They are much more experimental and way too much fun. Even your styling options increase since you don’t just have to style them with jeans.

  1. Jewelled Cross Strapped Bralette

This ivory handmade padded bralette has a cross strap lined with jewels. The rest of it had been kept plain to make it a classic piece that can be practically worn with anything. Style this with a pair of baggy jeans and an oversized denim jacket. You can try it with a military print skirt or a sequinned one. Don’t forget to don a pair of amazing womens pumps with it.

  1. Mis-matched Colour Block Bralette

This colour block padded bralette is sure to be one of the most interesting pieces you’ve ever laid eyes on. It has been hemmed with sheer net and has a statement criss cross back. This padded bralette is what you absolutely need to pack for a beach holiday! Pair it with a high slit skirt and a pair of embellished fishnets. Make the look work a pair of strappy heels or classic womens pumps. If you wish to go for a chicer look, you can don this with a well witted denim skirt. This piece will also make for the perfect bikini top, all you need is a matching – red or white bottoms and a gorgeous lace sarong if you wish.

  1. Tulle Caped Tube Top

Tube tops are pretty basic, but this one is an exception. The tulle cape stitched onto the soft fabric makes it a sure thing. It also takes this tube top out of the league of the casuals. It comes in two colours – white & crimson. You can style it with frayed shorts, well fitted jeans, pencil skirts or tight fit miniskirts. Be it a celebratory lunch or an exquisite dinner date this tube will be the perfect choice. Your look will be incomplete without a pair of womens pumps.

How to include fur accessories into your summer wardrobe?

How to include fur accessories into your summer wardrobe?

When fur is not being used as outerwear fortification, it can truly sparkle as the delicate, regular, and rich fancy texture it truly is. But, before you wear yourself in a lower leg length muskrat parka during July month, acclimate yourself with the guidelines of wearing fur in calm atmospheres.


Fur is immortal and right to state that it is a weather less accessory. Regardless of whether its fur lined stilettos for a night soiree, a mink coat or fur scarf for an energetic night on the yacht or a hooded fox fur vest for the club, never let the weather specialist keep you from shaking a wild and cushioned outfit frivolity.

While fur can be amazingly hot, it likewise brings the real warmth. To maintain a strategic distance from a form violation of social norms, guarantee that fur pieces don’t come in coordinate contact with your skin. If all else fails, think as far as removable layers. Capelets, pill box caps, or fur slides and collars with temperature-managing silk liners are awesome. Pompoms and trims that are sewed to the external layer of an article of clothing are a fantastic decision as well.

You can even buy for mobile cases for an additional clever method to parade this present season’s most elating texture. The best part is, these frill makes a stunning entrance, however can be put aside during meals and dancing time. This implies you can shake your cool fur pieces and relish the warm climate all in the meantime.

Keep in mind, there will dependably be stuffy fashionnazis who scoff at the possibility of wearing fur where there is no snow and ice. You should help them to remember how frequently Marilyn Monroe was seen around Hollywood wearing mink coat and wrapping a fur scarf around her neck with a long gown? Maybe it is smarter to revive the picture of Rihanna’s hairy pastel spring basics or the rich red fur garment she was seen wearing the previous summer. For everybody, fur is an intriguing, erotic voice with stories to tell.

There are innumerable approaches to pair fur accessories with summer outfits, yet you’ll find a couple of direct, safe beginning stages. Fur is a good choice to wear with torn jeans, essential shirts, and track pants. The juxtaposition of synthetic and common materials makes it a good look.

5 Ways to Increase Your Profit as Kids’ Cloth Supplier and Manufacturer

5 Ways to Increase Your Profit as Kids’ Cloth Supplier and Manufacturer

Supplying the kid’s clothes at a whole sale rate to the retailers is your business and you love to excel in your sphere. There are few things that you should follow so that your network of dealers and retailers will be benefitted and their sales will move up. This way your stock will be called for and your business will prosper too.

Collect your orders before season and prepare your stocks as per the order schedule

You can collect the preseason orders beforehand so that you can prepare your own stock to deliver to your clients. The production timeline will take time to prepare the stock for your dealers and so it is good to start in advance. Your dealers and shop owners will love the advanced order placement and faster shipment before the festive season starts. You can also provide incentive for your sales reps and buyers for pushing off the clothes before the season of buying starts in full range.

Keep yourself updated and work in advance

Your production calendar will have to be prepared so that you can send all the stocks to your store owner clients and the dealers for clothes. You should also start the production of clothes in advance. This needs a good knowledge of the current fashion statement and the different cuts and designs of the clothes of the season. The colors, stitches and types are all different and you should keep yourself up dated to be prepared in advance. This way you will complete your deliveries to different dealers at right time and your stock will have the most lucrative designs.

Website for your business

Being the kids clothes supplier Suncity, you should also have a website to show off your designs to your customers. Make sure the website is regularly uploaded with current contents and pictures of your hit designs and colors of clothes. You can also use the social pages to give your friends and other prospective customers a taste of the designs that you are to introduce in the coming season. This will give you an edge above the other suppliers.

Advertise more and sell more

You can get some designs for your own company and then advertise on them all the way. You can use the print media and the websites to show off the hint of the designs and then see how the sales soar. You can use some good models so that your designs get acknowledged and magazines and newspapers can be used to spread this small and exciting news.

Get noticed and form a team to work with

You can form a team with your dealers and store owners to get much more out of this business. You can work out the pricing and the stocks between yourselves. When some popular designs are not available other than in a few stores, the business gets stronger and the demand for such clothes are more. If you can supply such clothes and designs to your network, you will find they are doing better business. In turn your stock will also get exhausted and you can look for more production again. This way you can increase the profit margin of your own business and also for the store owners who are within your team.

How to buy beauty products online

How to buy beauty products online

The definitive guide to buying the right beauty products suited to your skin type and tone.

At a time when it is possible to buy whatever you want with the flick of a finger, how difficult can it be to shop for cosmetics online? Turns out, quite difficult – but only if you don’t know how to go about it.


It’s actually quite simple if you arm yourself with a good shopping app, and read on for some valuable pointers –

* Assess your skin type.

The first thing to do is understand your skin type. Your skin type – Normal, Oily, Dry or Combination Skin – will determine the kind of beauty and cosmetics you shop online. Beauty and cosmetics products are designed keeping the needs of specific skin types in mind, so using a product for normal skin when you have oily skin will be of little use. If you have sensitive skin, you should speak to your dermatologist about the kind of products you can use.

* Get advice on the kind of ingredients to use, and which ones to avoid.

Though there are four main categories of skin types, every person’s skin is composed differently. This is why, a product that works on one person may not work on another. Certain ingredients work best with your skin, while others have little or no effect. Some ingredients might cause rashes and allergies. It is best to undergo a detailed skin profile to know potential problem areas, and speak to your doctor about a certain product you are considering.

* Research the leading brands in cosmetics and beauty products.

Always do your online cosmetics shopping from the most reputed brands. Leading brands have products that have been tested in a variety of conditions, and which can claim some responsibility for the ingredients they use. Unknown brands or those which claim to show results in a just one use may contain spurious ingredients that are harmful for the skin. Study the product’s list of ingredients and chemical composition before you place the order.

* Look for deals on shopping apps.

Instead of placing your orders directly with the manufacturer, you can shop for cosmetics online using your favourite shopping app. You are bound to get a great discount on the same product, and you can use the saved money to buy another product. The best time to do your online cosmetics shopping is when there is an ongoing sale.

* Understand the returns and exchange policy.

Before you complete your beauty or cosmetics online shopping, be sure to study the store’s exchange and returns policy. Normally, these products are not exchanged if you have opened the packaging. The store might return your money if the wrong product is delivered to you. So be absolutely sure of what you are buying before you place the order.

The secret recipe for the best Margaritas in New York

The secret recipe for the best Margaritas in New York

Our correspondent Sarah Mark introduces you to Cinco de Mayo, a must-see event in New York and throws herself into the water to concoct the best Margaritas. No excuse not to test them during this long weekend

In New York, each community’s parade. And as all the communities of the world are represented here, you can easily spend all afternoons of the year dancing on 5th Avenue in the colors of the day’s event. To give you a little idea, over the last two weeks, we could see: the Sikh parade, the Bengali parade, the “love parade” during which we exchange flowers and positive thoughts, the Persian parade and the “parade cannabis”. All do not know the same popularity, and somehow better if the city would be stopped. The one we are talking about today will take place this weekend in honor of “Cinco de Mayo”. It’s a big deal!Historically, it is a question of commemorating the defeat of the French troops in Mexico on May 5, 1862. this day has become a festive occasion to celebrate Mexico, its culture and its heritage. I was invited to a mixology class specially for the occasion by Cointreau, to uncover the secrets of making a good Margarita. Under the benevolent eye of Stilo our bartender, Acapulco meets Paris in New York!

Simple to prepare, the Margarita is the cocktail in the spotlight during “cinco de mayo”. That’s how to concoct 3 with the colors of the Mexican flag. A shaker, this is what you need for a Classic Margarita:

Start by rubbing the edges of your glass with lime and then dip in fine or coarse salt. For more fun in the decor, I even recommend frosting only half the glass of coarse salt. Once the glass is “decorated”, fill it with ice cubes to keep it cool.

In the shaker half filled with ice cubes, pour the white tequila, the cointreau and the lime juice in the proportions indicated.The simplest is to bring a jigger (a small 2-cone cookware to measure alcohols, large format for tequila and small format to measure cointreau and lemon juice). Strike a few seconds then serve by holding the ice cubes with a cocktail strainer as your glass is already filled with ice cubes. Decorate with a slice of lime and enjoy.

Be careful, raise the level: Spiced strawberry Margarita. The icing of the glass is made with cinnamon sugar to give it a little spicy side. Ideally, have a Boston shaker, a shaker made of a metal part and another glass part. In the glass part, gently crush three or four strawberries with a pestle to make a puree to infuse the margarita. Add your measures of tequila, cointreau and lime as well as 2 small shots of angostura to raise all that. For you to play the bartender, press the lime using a citrus press for the show because a lime equal a perfect dose, be careful to place the lemon flesh side pierced if you want to remain credible.

Chic Harry Potter Bags For All Hogwarts Homes

Chic Harry Potter Bags For All Hogwarts Homes

Since you’ve read Harry Potter, under the duvet late at night, on trains, planes, subways, parks, you’re fascinated by the world imagined by JK Rowling. And we even bet you have your favorite Hogwarts home .

A collection of Harry Potter bags for all Hogwarts houses

Impossible to flip through the novels of the literary saga, nor to watch Harry Potter adapted films without identifying with the characters. So you probably have also imagined in which house of the school of magic the Sorting Hat would send you if by chance you had the chance to put it one day on your head.

Maybe you’re Gryffindor like Harry, Ron and Hermione, Slytherin like Albus Severus, Hufflepuff like Cedric Diggory, or Ravenclaw like Luna Lovegood. Whatever your home and whatever your colors, you can display them on a nice leather handbag .

Chic Harry Potter Bags For All Hogwarts Homes

The brand Danielle Nicole has teamed up with Warner Bros. for a collection of pockets and small handbags that are both chic and fun. Unfortunately, they are not sold with the fate of Hermionne (or Mary Poppins) to get your whole house in.

Harry Potter clutch bags, purses and backpacks

The collection includes nine models. There is a black backpack with the hero’s glasses and his flash-shaped scar, and eight smaller pouch-size bags.

The four flap pockets represent the uniforms of each house, with the corresponding colors (blue, yellow, red and green). The four pockets with a handle represent the animal symbol of the house namely the eagle, the griffon, the snake and the badger.

The good news is that you will not have to rob Gringotts to give you one or more of these bags. Handkerchiefs cost 32 euros, those flap 40, and it takes about 66 euros for the backpack.

The other good news is that the brand delivers in France . The products will go on sale from December 15, 2017 but are already open for pre-order.

12 Things Must-Have for Women’s Wardrobe!

12 Things Must-Have for Women’s Wardrobe!

Have you ever felt that you don’t have anything to wear? If you are a girl, we are sure that you must have felt this on various occasions and every other time, you must have cancelled your plan. That’s why the simple concept of wardrobe staple is an awesomely amazing one. With a streamlined selection of items in your closet, your day to day dressing becomes infinitely easier.  The 12 things in our list ahead are those which can be worn on various occasions and look differently gorgeous every time. Check it out.

Plain White Tee 

There is nothing more versatile than plain white tee that could be paired with various styles of bottom wears to look different every time. One can pair it with jeans, slip dress, fancy skirt or anything you want to look sassy cool.

Ballet flats


Not just chic, they are comfortable too and hence, they make it to our list of must-haves for women’s wardrobe. You can wear your ballet flats with jeans, cocktail dress or we guess almost any kind of outfit you want. Each combination would be great and would make you look amazing.

Basic Kohl

While there are various beauty products and cosmetics available in market and you always have the option to shop them from a long list of brands like Maybelline, Lakme, Face and various others. However, one thing that is a must have cosmetic for women is Kohl. Shop any brand you like but, have it anyhow.

Elegant blazer


Somethings work wonders for any outfit and one such thing is an elegant blazer. It can be worn over as your office wear and it is a great outwear substitute in cold weather. You can also pair it with cocktail dress and look great.

Indo western dress


Family gatherings, festivities, weddings and celebrations call for unique style and to help you out brands like Manyavar, Missprint and sabyasachi offer various indo western dresses. You must have a beautiful indo western dress or kurti in your wardrobe and you could pair it in different styles to look gorgeous in all your family gatherings.

Sleek Pumps

Some wardrobe staples have the power to boost the confidence just like a pair of heels. This solid footwear can make you look sassy during your casual or formal gathering and it could be paired with almost all kind of women wear.

Striped Shirt

Amazon, Flipkart or any other e-commerce site, you can easily find a striped shirt for your store as they are completely in trend these days. These shirts look good with both pencil skirt and slouchy denim and to look extremely amazing, pair it with various prints and patterns.

Hair Dryer

Straight hairs are the most popular style these days and hence having a hair straighter and hair dryer in your closet is a must-have. With the help you these, you can adjust your hairs in various styles to look great with various outfits for various occasions.

Dark-wash Denim

They don’t stain easily and that’s not the only reason for you to have this in your closet. They work for a large range of scenarios and they are better than fresh denim for various reasons.

Slip-on Sneakers

This particular style of footwear has hit the critical mass and soon it has become a wardrobe staple for most of the women and girls. They are comfortable to wear and sleeker and stylish than traditional running shoes. Moreover, they add an extra dose of cool in any girl’s look.

Nude lipstick

Elle, Maybelline, Lakme and various other brands offer some of the most amazing nude lipsticks and trust us, they work wonders on any skin type and any outfit. You can choose from a wide shades of nude lipsticks and wear it with different clothes to look beautiful.

Little Black dress 

The fashion market always introduces new trends every day but, none of them is capable to replace the craze of little black dress. This style of clothing provides endless opportunity to look stunning by accessorizing it differently every time.

A Young Woman Publishes Beauty Tutor In Sign Languge

A Young Woman Publishes Beauty Tutor In Sign Languge

Those who love make up often watch tutorials. But contrary to what one can think, the videos are not intended for all. Deaf and hard of hearing people have too few videos available to them, a young American decided to fix them.

If you’re like us, addicted to make-up , you probably follow many beauty youtubers (or youtubers) and you’re on the lookout for the best beauty tutorials .

Beauty tutorials in sign language

Catherine Martinez loves the make up, and it makes the web users enjoy it. The young American is a make up artist and she is a fan of glamorous and sexy beauty tutos. During her studies in Behavioral Sciences and Communication at New York University, she realized that deaf and hard of hearing people did not have access to the kind of videos she loves so much and realizes herself. .

She decided to learn sign language and create accessible videos for people with hearing problems. His videos are subtitled and dubbed in sign language so that everyone can understand them. It offers videos to make evening makeup , day, contouring or even evening routines.

Thanks for the hard of hearing

A Young Woman Publishes Beauty Tutor In Sign Languge

The videos of Catherine Martinez have been very well received by Internet users and deaf and hard of hearing people . Just read the comments that accompany his beauty tutorials to realize it. Even if the young woman is not irreproachable in sign language, as she recognizes it herself, his initiative is very appreciated.

Essentials to put in your suitcase to feel at home wherever you are

Essentials to put in your suitcase to feel at home wherever you are

There is often no more antipersonnel than a hotel room, a rental house or a homestay. But even abroad and returning from the beach, we like to feel at home where we sleep. For that, nothing more simple, it is enough to slip in his suitcase some objects and accessories to make of a cold place his home. So what are we taking away?

A candle to find his smells /

Finding one’s smells is often the best way to feel at home in no time. For that, we slide in his suitcase his favorite candle, or a news that we buy for the occasion, it turns on at night by letting it spread its fragrance. It is chosen mini size and glass to be able to transport and bring home. In addition, there is no better than candlelight to make a cozy place.

A pillow mist to rock us /

Trend for some years, and made for people who like to find their smells in their sheets, pillow mists allow to delve gently in our dreams. Durance, L’Occitane, many brands that offer today and decline soft and fluffy fragrances (lavender flower, rice powder …). Relaxing and designed for the linen, they comfort us and rock us without irritating. And for the alchemists, we can also create his own from essential oils by mixing 45 ml of alcohol with 50 drops of essential oils of his choice.

A small pillow to sleep at home /

Because we all have a special taste for the pillow (some like soft, others hard and thick), and we often travel by plane and for a long time, we carry with us a small pillow adorned with a pretty pillow, embroidered with our initials for example. Not only does it regain its smells and personal touch, but it is also guaranteed to sleep well and make an impersonal bed warmer by depositing it.

A beach towel or a sarong for his bed /

While packing, we reserve a pareo or thin sheet, not for the beach, but to cover its future bed and thus decorate in two seconds the place of our colors. In addition, having a bedspread allows you to lie down to take a nap or on your way back from the beach without being afraid to put sand in the sheets or dirty them.

Bags for his clothes /

In the drawers and cabinets of hotels, one sometimes hesitates to put down one’s clothes, and especially one’s lingerie.Nothing better than the pockets which, in addition to protecting them while storing them, make it possible to find a little of oneself elsewhere. For jewelry, makeup, shoes or lingerie, we choose different pockets, the one of Fragonard being the best known and the most delicate, and then distributed in his room.

Personalized Gift Ideas For Dad

Personalized Gift Ideas For Dad

A father is the most powerful influence on his children who nurtures and protects them until the end of his life. You should not leave any opportunity to thank your father for bringing you into this beautiful world and nurturing you. You can send your father fantastic personalized gifts to thank him for his selfless love on his birthday or Father’s Day. The personalized gifts perfectly fit the needs of your loved ones and make them memorable for a lifetime.


Here we will discuss some personalized gift ideas that you can send to your Dad to show how much you love and care for him.

Personalized Super Dad Cushion

If you think of it, fathers are literally the superhero for their kids. There is not a single problem in the whole world that a father cannot solve for his kids. Send your father a cushion bearing the title of ‘Super Dad’ to show how much you love and adore him. The cozy and comfy cushion will help your father to relax after a tiring day at the office.

Personalized Beer Mug

Does your father love to enjoy his beer at the weekend while watching his favorite TV show or cricket match? If the answer is yes, then a personalized beer mug bearing the tag of ‘Best Dad in the World’ would be an excellent gift for him. He will certainly enjoy his beer in that mug, which will also be a reminder of your unending love for him.You can orderpersonalized gift delivery UAE for him through online gift store.

Personalized Key Chain

A personalized key chain bearing the initials of your father’s name or ‘Best Dad’ tag is another great gifting idea that you can consider on his birthday, promotion or Father’s Day. That keychain will allow your father to carry his car and house keys in a stylish manner.

Photo Cake

If your father’s birthday is in a few days and you want to gift him something exciting, then a photo cake would be the excellent choice. You can get a memorable picture of your father printed on his birthday cake to make the celebrations more joyful. He would certainly love the look and taste of that delicious cake.

The gift ideas mentioned above will surely help you in choosing an excellent personalized gift for your father that he will remember and cherish his entire life.